Fashion Haul

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

So over the last two weeks I've been out and about and have ended up buying some new stuff as I’m still in need of new clothes for college in September and over my last few trips I ended up picking up deals in the sales. So here is my fashion haul

So the first shop where I picked up some good deals was NewLook and from here I picked up a knitted jumper, which is three quarter sleeves and is white with blue stripes and this was £8.

I also picked up a slouchy styled t-shirt, which is once again stripy and is dark grey and white and this was only £4.

I also bought a black and white spotty peplum top and again this was in the sale and it was £6.

The final thing I bought from Newlook was a pair of Black Jeggings. I’m not a big fan of jeggings but I've struggled so much to find a pair of jeans that fit around my legs as most skinny jeans fit around the waist but are too big on the legs. So I tried a pair of jeggings and they were a nice fit around both my waist and legs and they're just plain black and they were only £15.

I also found myself browsing through Forever 21 as I signed up for their email notifications and I got a £5 off when you spend £21 on your first percuss and I picked up three pairs of black jeans.The first pair was black and has some zips on the front on the hips and are skinny jeans and these were £14.75. I ended up sending the others back, as they didn’t fit.

The final thing I bought was from Calvin Klein underwear, which I’ve never been in but I've always past it and they had a sale on so I picked up these pyjama shorts fro £12.

(sorry it's a bad Photo because of the way they were folded) 

So this was my fashion haul, I decided to upload this today (Wednesday) as I’m thinking of posting fashion related things on Wednesdays and I'll post my usual beauty posts on Friday instead of a Saturday.

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