Favourite Places In My City

Saturday, 9 May 2015

So my first favourite place to visit In Newcastle is the Quayside, I absolutely love to go to the quayside there’s so many restaurants to go to and of course you have the millennium bridge which is really nice to see on a night time as it lights up and on top of that there’s The Baltic which is an art gallery and it’s just a really nice place to take photos and walk around.

Another place in Newcastle I love to go to is Eldon Square and Northumberland street which is a shopping centre and a high street, I go here a lot on my breaks during college or if I have an early finish, there’s loads of different shops, food shops etc and near Eldon Square there is an area called monument which has a statue called ‘Grey’s monument’ which is nice to sit at and relax by during the summer whilst your shopping.

Another place I like is kind of just a yearly thing, there’s a park in Newcastle called the Town Moore which well it’s just a land of grass but every year during the last week of June they have a funfair there which is called ‘The Hoppings‘ which I have been to quite a lot, i used to go a lot when I was younger but my parents and I stopped going as it was quite expensive and usually the weather is utter crap whilst it’s here. Literally the fair gets set up and the sky turns grey it happens every year, but I went with my cousin last year and it was really fun I did a post on it which you can find HERE If you’d like to see some pictures and to see my experience.

Another favourite of mine is St James Park which is a football stadium, I find it really cool and the fact that when I was younger I went to the football shop and I met the Newcastle manager (at the time) Kevin Keegan which I got a Newcastle Football shirt signed, also I went to a football match which was just a charity match (England vs. some other team) and I remember it well because of the fact that Sir Bobby Robson was still alive at the time and I saw him sitting on the opposite side of the stadium which was very cool unfortunately a couple of days later the news struck that he had passed away.

My final favourite in my town is based on the pure sight of the area it’s near monument and Eldon Square and it’s called Grainger Street and it’s just such a nice street, the buildings are so nice and it just looks stunning I love the look of the buildings and down the street there’s more high street shops such as Urban Outfitters and Space Nk, etc. but also there’s Grainger’s market which is massive and I’d love to get a picture of the inside you walk through and your hit with so many different smells such as spices or cooked food.


(the split between the two streets)

So this is a few of my favourite places to visit in my City, What are some of your favourite places where you live?


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