Soap And Glory 'The Next Big Thing' Review

Sunday, 8 February 2015

So for Christmas I got this Soap And Glory set called ‘The Next Big Thing’ Gift set. This set contained 10 different Soap And Glory items. Including Hand Dream Super cream, Orangeasm- body wash, Butter Yourself- moisture lotion, Heel Genius- foot cream, Sugar Crush- body scrub, Whipped Clean- shower butter, The Righteous Butter- body butter, Off Your Face- 3 in one daily purifying cloths, Sexy Mother Pucker- Lip Lacquer, and the Thick & Fast mascara. And I thought I’d do a review of this gift set.

So my first thoughts on the set was ‘wow’ it all came in this big box, that by the way was so cute and looking at the top with the cardboard information thing that said what was in it and had a picture of all the items on it, I was so surprised how much was actually in it and each thing in it is full sized.

The first thing I tried from the set was the Orangeasm- Body Wash. I’ve been dying to try this since the summer I think it might have been Tanya Burr who talked about it in her Video and it is amazing. I’m a big fan of the Soap and Glory body washes, because when you use them in the shower they don’t dry your skin out they keep the skin moisturised. This one in particular smells very fresh and zingy and as the name of the product it smells like oranges it’ll be perfect for the summer months.

The next thing I tried was the Hand Dream Super Cream hand cream, this has quickly became a favourite of mine if you read my blog post last week which was my January favourites, like I said in my favourites it smells amazing and it dries very quickly once it’s put on so it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy and that it hydrates your hands very quickly I love this moisturiser, I’m not one for using hand moisturisers but since I tried this one It has quickly started a routine which I use everyday.

The next product is the opposite of hands and is for the feet it’s their Heel Genius foot cream I’ve used this once a few weeks ago when I had gone back to college and my feet were really dry and It worked wonders, It did make them soft again and compared to the hands cream it did take longer to dry so it did leave my trying not to do anything that involved walking on my feet until It dried which did take a while so it is great if you get really dry feet.

The butter yourself moisturiser is like all their body moisturisers it’s pretty much the same as everyone it again dries quickly and this one is in a pump bottle and I’ll admit the first time I used it, It took me ages to try and get some of the lotion out since it’s quite a thick moisturiser but I did like this I don’t like it as much as the body butter I got for Christmas in 2013.

Another body lotion in the box was the Righteous butter, again it's the same as the other one i find that they all do the same thing, but i'm a big fan of body butters and the soap and glory ones are some of the best ones i've tried.

The off your face 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes are pretty good too I tried these just to cleanse over my face when I didn’t quite get all my mascara off and I had some left under my eyes and the wipes smell so fresh and they’re really smooth over the face and leave your skin feeling very fresh and clean. I haven’t tried them to take make up off yet since I use my lush ultra blend cleanser to do that but I think if you are going to take your make up off with wipes the Simple ones would be better.

With soap and Glory I have never tried any of their make up products and with this set I got the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in the colour Charm Offensive and I have literally fell in love with this product! It has to be my favourite thing I’ve tried from soap and glory. I think I love the colour more than anything but it’s such a nice colour it’s a pinkish nude and I just love it, it’s pigmented, it lasts a long time and it’s not sticky it’s just a really nice product in general, I think I might end up buying the lipstick version of this next!

Another make up item that is in this set is the Thick & Fast Mascara and I do use this a lot I find that it’s the only mascara I use that after a long day doesn’t come off or melt off and get under my eyes, it’s a bit too liquidly so when I’m applying it, it can go either under the eyes or on the eye lids. But I do love the look it gives just makes them look longer and makes them looked fuller. 

This product I’ve only tried once and it’s the Whipped Clean shower butter and oh my god this smells amazing I’d describe it as an almond like scent but it also has Shea butter in it as well as a almond and vanilla scent and it’s quite a strong scent and after about half an hour after my shower I walked into the sitting room and both of my parents could smell it and even the next day I could still smell it.

The final product in the box is another product I have only used once is the Sugar Crush body scrub and this is a lime like scent and I’ve never used a body scrub before and I found it slightly weird the texture of it was very odd but it left my skin feeling amazingly soft, I’m not that keen on the scent as it’s a very strong one but It is really good for dry skin.

So this was my review on the Soap And Glory The Next Big Thing box set, have any of you tried this box set and what are your thoughts on the items inside?


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