Reflecting on Life

Saturday, 7 June 2014

So I'm trying something different this week I've been having some interesting thoughts about life in general and I feel like I need to share my views on life.

Life? What is life? Most things have a life, Plants, Animals and humans we all have life, seed are planted, they grow into plants and die, animals grow up and live a life where they, eat, sleep, run, hunt, mate, etc.. Whilst our lives are completely different. We’re born, we learn, we grow, we develop, we make friends, we laugh, play, go out, get a job, fall in love, get married, start a family and we grow again until we die.

Our lives are funny, everyone is different and everyone’s life is different. Some people have better lives than others, whilst others are more successful, or other people fall in love quicker than others. Everyone is different and I’ve recently realised how funny life is.

I’m still in school I’m a week away from finishing which is pretty terrifying I’m doing all of my exams and soon I’ll get my result and that’s it, it’s up to me what I decide to do I’m in charge of my life, I’m in control. everything I do is my choice and my choices determine my life, so do I go to college? Uni? Or get a job (I know terrifying thoughts.) Anyways I’ve realised how different our lives change whilst we grow up and go through first school, middle school and high school. You see each other develop, you see people change for better or for worse and you see people mature.

You go through this period of time with so many people who you have grew up with from the beginning or met along the way. I never even talked to half of the people in my year until this year and I have actually realised that I should have talked to a lot of them sooner as they would have made me a more outgoing person and in a way I regret not getting closer to them earlier, but I can’t help that and In a way I don’t care. I mean the people in my life now are the ones I hope to keep.

I honestly can’t wait to finish school and I can’t wait to leave a lot of people because in a way a lot of them don’t mean anything to me, as harsh as that sounds but I believe you only need a few friends to help you through because they are going to be the ones who care about you most and not some random girl or boy from your class who you barely know or may talk to on a rare occasion.

But on the other hand I will miss a lot of these people because I’ve grew up with them I have seen them from small children like myself grow into a teenager and I’ve seen people through both their worst and best times, I’ve seen people fight and fall out and make up in minutes.

 I do wish I got to know a lot of them better but I couldn’t have asked for better people to grow up with especially in high school, a lot of these people were brilliant and kind but others weren’t but I don’t care about the people who I didn’t like or they didn’t like me. But I can’t wait to see what happens to the people who actually put effort into school and their exams.

In a way I’m ready to leave school and move on and actually start my life, but I’m also terrified it’s a big step and it can be quite nerve racking but I can’t wait to go off to college and meet new people and start my adventure of life, I hope to travel to some great places and document it whilst hopefully doing something in journalism or fashion/ beauty or maybe even photography who knows?

But life is a mystery we can’t predict our own futures only time will tell and until then we have to make the most of live and enjoy it whilst we can, so whether it’s traveling somewhere or meeting new people. Make the most of it and just carry on what you love doing. You may as well live life to the fullest as everything else is uncertain, but it’s true don’t let the little things get you down, just do the things you love don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise just do it.

It’s your life and you’re in control so the decisions you make effect your life so you make them don’t let anyone else have a say in it and if you love something do more of it, it makes you happy and that’s all that matters,


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