2014 Through Instagram

Thursday, 1 January 2015

So 2014 is officially over and done with and it’s now 2015! well a week into 2015 ( i was meant to post this earlier oops!)And all I can hope for is this year to be as good as last year, I hope I’ll branch out more and try new things and just have fun, but I thought since 2014 has been a big and busy year I thought I’d share a few photos from  last year from my instagram, as this year Instagram has  been one of my main platforms of social media.

♥ Local Beach ♥ My photo i took of a fence and some stick things ♥ Red Berry Fruit Cooler and reading Looking For Alaska at my first college interview  ♥ Trying Nandos for the first time ♥ Me and my friend Beth at our friends birthday meal ♥ Doing revision for GCSE's at Newcastle Racecourse ♥ Revising for my Science exams, still not grasping the point of highlighting key points ♥ My friend Lisa and I at Mcbusted ♥ mcbusted concert ♥ Me and my friend Elisha on our last day of year 11 ♥ The Hoppings with my cousin  ♥ making smoothies ♥ Messing around with sparklers and camera settings ♥ my photo i took of my door in the morning messing around with my camera ♥ Costa Brownie Hot Chocolate ♥ My friend Diane and Me in College ♥

So 2014 was a big year i went from starting the year with people i've known since nursery to leaving a lot of them behind and going off to college and meeting new people and making new friends, i did a lot of new things that i've never done before like going to interviews for college, exams, going to my first concert, trying new foods, making a blog! to leaving to go to a sixth form college whilst knowing no one to talking to a lot of new people and making a lot of new friends. It's been a very busy and stressful year but over all i'm happy with how i'm ending the year i think the one thing i'm most pleased with is i've gone out of my comfort zone and done a lot of things i wouldn't normally do like this blog and on the 29th December i hit 2000 views for me that's crazy especially since i only started this blog back in March and i never even thought of passing 100 views. i hope everyone had a great 2014 and i hope 2015 will be even better for everyone. 


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