A Few Of My Favourite Films

Sunday, 13 September 2015

So after running out of inspiration on what type of post I should post this week I thought I’d share a few of my favourite movies that I absolutely love and could watch over and over again so here are 5 of my favourite movies to watch.

1. One of my all time favourite movies to watch is Grease. I’ve loved this film since I was six. It’s been a favourite that I have watched many times over the years and it’s a movie that I will continue to watch and love in the futures.

2. My second favourite is quite a recent movie and that is The Maze runner. When I first found out that Dylan O’Brien was cast as the lead role in this movie I was so excited to see this film. Dylan O’Brien is one of my favourite actors and after I saw the trailer I new this would be a favourite of mine, and since the movie came out I have loved this movie and I’m very excited to see the sequel to this The Scorch Trials.

3. Another favourite is Pitch Perfect, this film is very funny and I love the cast to the movie. I enjoyed the first Pitch Perfect compared to the second one considering the fact that the first movie to me had a better plot and it was much more interesting, but some of the songs on the second movie were definitely better.

4. The Hunger Games Series. I don’t even know where to start with these movies. I love every single movie in The Hunger Games Series. I remember when the first movie came out in cinemas and I knew nothing about the film I hadn’t even heard of it and then I remember seeing it in cinemas and it blew my mind. I saw the second one in cinemas too and again the film didn’t disappoint me. This series is one of my favourites that I love to watch and could watch over and over again because of how well made they are and the plot is so good.

5. I think my final favourite movie has to be the Harry Potter Series. I’m currently re watching all of the Harry Potter’s and I forgot how much I love the movies. I actually remember my grandma owning the first two films on Video (VHS.) I own all the Harry Potter Films on Blue Ray and every year I end up watching at least one of the films. I grew up along with the Movies and Books and its just a movie that I love I remember the excitement of getting them on DVD each year as they came out or even going in the cinemas to see them. 

So these are a few of my favourite movies, what are some of yours?

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