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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

So Since last week  was my birthday and i had some money to spend i finally went out shopping on sunday into Eldon Square in Newcastle and bought a bunch of stuff from Primark, Lush, John Lewis, boots and Urban Outfitters and i thought i'd share what i bought. 

i first went into Primark and spent about an hour going through everything and i found this vest, which has a rose print and is actually a silk material and that was £4.

Also from Primark i bought this plain aztec pattern top which was £3.

Another top i bought was this grey t-shirt which had this pattern on in white. i admit i wasn't one hundred percent sure on it but once the tops on it's much nicer than it looks in the photo. 

The Last thing i bought from Primark was this top which is something i'd never usually go for as it's such a bright and outgoing top, i usually stick to dark coloured tops. but this top was £5

After Primark i decided to go into Urban Outfitters as they had a massive sale wich had 75% off so i ended up getting this back pack for £10 instead of something like £25-£30 maybe more i'm not one hundred percent sure on the original price. 

Also from Urban Outfitters i picked up this cream knitted jumper for £10 as well and this was originally  about £30 i think. 

I then went into Boots and for a while i've been dying to try this foundation out and in boots they have an offer on certain boujouis products where you get two for £14  and i picked those up in the colour light vanilla which is the lightest colour you can get and compared to the photo it is much lighter, but because of lighting it looks much darker.  

After i went into boots i went next door into Lush and i finally picked up the full size version of the Ultrabland Facial Cleanser, which i originally had as a sample and for 100g it was 10.95 but you can get the smaller one for around £6.

i also picked up a sample of the Imperialis moisturiser which one of the workers recommended to me for my skin and for the proper product it costs £12.95.

 i also picked up another charity pot for a pound, i mainly picked this up to help out with the charity that Lush work with. 

I finally picked up a Comforter bubble bar which was £4.50. 

And of course i had to pick up another one and it was a debate between Brightside or this one which is called Blue skies and white fluffy clouds, in the end i picked this one and this was also £4.50. 

And finally i went into john Lewis and i bought this Juice cube which is for when you're out and about you plug your phone into it and it charges it. but this one you get different connectors for it so you can use it to charge an iphone, ipad, samsung phone, anything that has a USB wire can be charged by this, as long as you have the charger and this was £25.

(this is plugged into my Macbook to charge the cube up.)

So that was everything i had bought over my shopping trip on sunday. so i hope you guys enjoyed reading it. 

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