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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted a music post and i know it's not Monday but since my last music post, which was my autumn playlist, which can be found (here.) I’ve discovered more songs most are in the alternative side of music, well I say alternative but it’s probably more along the lines of pop punk or you know I’m not going to get into this because I’ll probably get it wrong, so here is a list of some new music I’ve been listening to.

So the first song I have been listening to has been McBusted– Air guitar, I went to see McBusted back in May and It had me so excited when they said they were releasing their first single as a band and got overly excited and it’s such a catchy tune I love it so much.

The next song is by Good Charlotte and it’s called Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, I love this song it’s been in my spotify playlist for only a few days but I once again love it it’s such a like fast song and it’s one of those songs I’ve been listening to when I’ve been walking to the college from the metro station and it just puts me in a good mood and it makes me want to dance around.

My next one has got to be a new favourite, which I found last weekend and it’s by Jamie T and I have to say he is such a great singer and my favourite song is Zombie. Once again quite an upbeat song and it’s different for me I don’t know there’s something I like about it.

I also have been loving good girls by 5sos, they’re one of my favourite bands and this song is their latest single and I’ve liked this song for a while but I really like the video to this song which came out not too long ago I think maybe a month? and it’s just one of those songs that has you up and dancing around it’s a really fun song.
Also by 5sos I’ve been enjoying their song daylight it’s off of their single album for Amnesia and it’s just a fun song again, I really like 5sos and I enjoy their songs and I love the instruments in every songs like in rejects I like the heavier instruments, but they’re just a fun band in general.

Also lately i've been enjoying listening to some pop music and recently i have been enjoying One Direction's new album Four, which is actually really good the songs on this album are really catchy and i find a lot of the time i get their song 'Stockholm Syndrome' stuck in my head along with 'Act My Age' which if you haven't heard it, it sounds very Irish or as how i've realised it kind of sounds a bit like something from Pirates Of The Caribbean, not sure why but it's very up beat but some of the songs are quite slow and the album it's self sounds very grown up for them and it's basic. It's been the one album i've had on repeat since it came out. 

So these were a few songs I’ve been listening to recently and a few of my favourite artists, I have many more artists that I enjoy and have on my spotify list, which I might put into a post in the future, if you guys would like to see that then I might do a series which will be all the songs in my playlist.  What songs have you been listening to recently?


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