March Favourites

Saturday, 28 March 2015

So March is almost over with and it’s officially spring! Yet in the UK we’re still getting weather that’s quite winter like with temperatures of like 2 degrees but there has been some sun! Anyways here are my favourites for March.

My first favourite of March has been The Walking Dead. I started watching this a couple of weeks ago and I got hooked on it instantly I ended up watching all five seasons in 2 and half weeks I love it! It’s such an addictive TV program as you never know what will happen next there’s so many cliff hangers and it always has you on edge and I absolutely love it, I love the characters and it’s basically just brilliant.

My next favourite is the nail polish A-List by Essie. I’m a massive fan of the Essie nail polishes I find they’re easy to apply and the look stunning and last so long but I’ve been loving this nail polish it’s been on my nails for the entire month!

Another beauty favourite of mine has been The Body Shop’s Instablur Primer I absolutely love this, I’ve never really used primers before this but I did get a sample of the Maybelline one and didn’t like it but this one I love, a couple of weeks ago I did a full review on it so if any of you want to know more you can find that post HERE.

My favourite music favourite is a song by American Hi-fi, which is called The Art Of Loosing, and I just love this song, it’s been on replay so much.

And my final favourite of the month is a singer and I’ve just enjoyed his music a lot over the last couple of weeks and it’s James Bay I love the songs Hold Back The River, Collide and Craving he’s just a really good artist and his music is so good.

And that is all of my Favourites for March, what have been some of your favourites from this month?


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