The Body Shop Instablur Review

Sunday, 15 March 2015

So recently i bought the Body Shop Instablur primer as i've heard a lot of good things about it and i got a 35% off online and decided i'd buy that along with the Body Shop All In One BB Cream and to start with my first impression was that i loved the packaging i loved the little bubble with 'instablur' in it and i was very excited to use it. i've used it quite a bit and i love this stuff. i've never used a primer before this one, but i did have a sample of the Maybelline Baby skin and after using the sample i really didn't like it, it literally felt like silicon so i was a little worried that this one would be very similar. But i actually love this stuff you can't feel it on your skin and it takes all shine away from your face and you can apply your make up straight after. 

The Body Shops website description for the product claims that the primer is...

- Shine controlling for 12 hours 
- Reduces the appearance of pores 
- Hides blemishes 
- Complexion hiding 
- Makes your make up last longer 

I would definitely say that the product does all of that, last week i had quite a bad week with my spots and i used the primer and my friends and i were talking and i complained about my spots and having an annoying red one under my eyebrow and she told me that she couldn't see it, i didn't use any concealer on the spot just the primer then my foundation (Bourjois Healthy Mix) and after using it more times it definitely blurs spots and blemishes which i absolutely love!  i haven't tested the shine control thing but it lasts during my day even though i don't have very oily skin i do sometimes get some shine a little on my forehead and chin but not very often. 

and for extending the length of my make up i'd say that is very true i use this especially on my days where i'm out all day or finish college late so i'm wearing make up from 6:30am to about 6pm and when i use this i find that my make up is in very good condition and that i don't need to re-do any of my make up throughout the day apart from my lipstick. 

i do love this primer a lot and i think it's one of the best ones i have used and i think that i won't be moving on from this for a long time you can get this either in store or online at The Body Shop for £14. 

Have any of you tried this primer? if you have what do you think of it? 


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