Newcastle Racecourse

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hi guys, 
so today has been a weird day for me, my school isn't doing study leave so i'm stuck at school all during my exams, but on thursday is my first English Exam and i'm not going to lie i'm extremely nervous for it, but my school decided to do a two day trip to the Race Course in Newcastle (UK) and it was actually really fancy compared to how i expected to be. They had really nice lights like chandelier  type lights. we were only there for English revision but it was a pretty fancy room. Anyways we did the whole revision/ work stuff and we finally got a break. i decided i didn't just want to sit in the function room with my friends so i decided to explore a little. i decided to go out of the room and down to the sitting areas outside where you would sit to watch the race going on (stands) and the view was incredible it may not seem much but with the sun out and the heat it was nice especially since we don't get much nice weather in Britain. I decided to takes some pictures of the course and one was a panoramic photo which went better than expected especially since i couldn't see. i also may or may not have got wrong for sitting on the edge of the wooden ledge and had to go back inside.

(panoramic photo from yesterday) (edited)   

since it was only break and i had to go back in for sitting on the ledge.  i only got a few photos but once lunch came i managed to go and do a little bit more exploring and i found this private box, balcony thing which had tables on the balcony and was sheltered and this was higher up and had nicer view and that time i didn't get wrong for doing anything, but i did get locked out on the balcony by some of my classmates.
 (Another photo of the racecourse yesterday)

today i got to go back to the course for more revision and today it wasn't as nice it was dull, wet and raining and may i add it was freezing sitting in the stands, so unfortunately i didn't take anymore pictures of the place i only managed to get a few of the race course and that was it.
(Photo from today of the rain over the course)
Even though this trip was for revision it was quite fun, well when we weren't sitting doing work... i had some great fun taking some photos and exploring around the second floor. i mean this place was quite fancy and we even got some free food even though we only had the choice of sandwiches or chips. but it was actually a great two days.

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