5 Places I Want To Travel To

Saturday, 25 April 2015

So this week I thought I’d do this small post as I have exams coming up and I haven’t got as much time to write blog posts so I thought I’d do something quite simple but still quite interesting, I really want to travel and explore the world so I thought I’d do this post on some places that I really want to travel to these are just a few of the many places I want to travel to.

1.So the first place that I really want to travel to is Rome in Italy, for a couple of years now I’ve had this obsession of wanting to go to Rome, I want to see the coliseum. And just experience the country and try the food. It looks like a beautiful county and I would love to go there and experience it.

2.  The second place I want to go to is LA in America. Again this is another place that I’ve been dying to go to and recently my erg to go has been even stronger lately after some YouTubers (Oli White, Joe Sugg and Will Darbyshire) went for a couple of weeks after playlist and again It just looks so nice, I’d love to go to Venice beach and go to Santa Monica Pier it’s just one of those places that you’d want to go for like 3 weeks and just stay there and never come back.

3. Another place I want to visit is Greece, now I’ve been to Greece once before (I went to Kos) and I loved it but I’d love to go to a different area in Greece and experience more, last time I loved the food loved the culture and it was just a fun experience so this is definitely a place I’d love to go back too but maybe next time I’d love to go to Zante.

4. This one is definitely won’t happen anytime soon but Australia is a place I really want to visit. When I was younger my Mum, Dad and I almost moved to Melbourne and ever since we didn’t move there I’ve always had a fascination of wanting to go there. I mean there’s just so much to do and see it would be a great adventurous holiday that would be an experience of a life time but not sure if I could handle a 24 hour flight.

5. And the final place I want to visit is Paris in  France which isn’t too far from England and not too expensive so maybe this could be a trip coming up over the next few years. But I think that I’d love to go in the future with a future boyfriend/ husband but I would love to again experience the sights like the Eifel Tower and try some of the food whilst spending some time shopping and exploring.

So these are some of the places that I really want to experience and travel too, this is just a few out of the many places I’d love to go to there’s so many more places in America that I would love to see and in Europe, but one thing that’s exciting is in October I’m doing a two week cruise which is going to go to places in both Spain and Portugal which I’m very excited for since I love to travel. Have any of you guys been to these places if so what are they like? And what are some of the places you’d like to travel in the world?


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